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P1 Motor Control Patent Motor Control
Unique topology especially created to work harmoniously with the typical frequency requirement of AC Induction Motors or Brushless PM motors.
P2 Motor Speed Measurement Patent

Motor Speed Measurement
An essential element of motor efficiency control.

P3 Dynamic Reservoir Patent Dynamic Reservoir
Unique topology which allows for an extremely
efficient voltage conversion.


Patented Motor Drive System

The system which includes Motor Control, 1 to 3 phase conversion and voltage conversion (DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC and AC-AC) can readily operate at 99%+ efficiency. The technology is the result of over 10 years research and development by a small team of engineers who approached the subject of motor drive with a ‘blue sky’ train of thought.

The result is a topology that can control both permanent magnet and induction motors and in the case of induction motors the performance can be on a par with the best and most advanced permanent magnet motors.

Because of the enormous global potential of applications of this technology it has been essential to secure the intellectual property rights therefore significant patents have been granted to ensure extensive global coverage.

RTC Systems Limited is responsible for the commercial development of all the QUEPAL patented technology.

Technical Presentations
To arrange a technical presentation where the patented motor drive system can be demonstrated, please contact: admin@rtcsystems.uk.com

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